S.O. song "London Dreams" placed on "Beast Mode" and "The Blaze" Playlist

By Lamp Mode

S.O. song

"The Shift to Streaming"

In 2017, it's very obvious that streaming has fundamentally shifted how music is consumed. One major aspect of the shift is best captured in the embracing of the playlist. For the average music listener, playlists are at the forefront of how they consume music. While people have shifted away from listening to albums and singles, the average person now listens to music on playlists that represent the different seasons and moods in life.

S.O. on Spotify

For Lamp Mode artist S.O., Spotify and Apple Music playlists have given new life to his music previously released, as well as creating avenues for new music. Over the last several months, S.O. has released a slew of projects including "These Things Take Time," and "The B-Sides," as well as a number of singles including "Riding Through Nacogdoches," "What Now," and "New Wave Remix."  These singles and projects have given S.O. added visibility on Spotify and Apple Music.

"London Dreams" placed on "Beast Mode" Playlist

This week, S.O.'s song "London Dreams" from his 2015 project "So it Ends" was added to the official Spotify "Beast Mode"  workout playlist. With over 2,100,000 followers, "London Dreams" has the potential to reach many who've never heard his music, or more importantly, the message behind his music. London Dreams was also added to the popular CHH playlist "The Blaze."

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