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S.O. song "London Dreams" placed on "Beast Mode" and "The Blaze" Playlist

By Lamp Mode

S.O. song

"The Shift to Streaming"

In 2017, it's very obvious that streaming has fundamentally shifted how music is consumed. One major aspect of the shift is best captured in the embracing of the playlist. For the average music listener, playlists are at the forefront of how they consume music. While people have shifted away from listening to albums and singles, the average person now listens to music on playlists that represent the different seasons and moods in life.

S.O. on Spotify

For Lamp Mode artist S.O., Spotify and Apple Music playlists have given new life to his music previously released, as well as creating avenues for new music. Over the last several months, S.O. has released a slew of projects including "These Things Take Time," and "The B-Sides," as well as a number of singles including "Riding Through Nacogdoches," "What Now," and "New Wave Remix."  These singles and projects have given S.O. added visibility on Spotify and Apple Music.

"London Dreams" placed on "Beast Mode" Playlist

This week, S.O.'s song "London Dreams" from his 2015 project "So it Ends" was added to the official Spotify "Beast Mode"  workout playlist. With over 2,100,000 followers, "London Dreams" has the potential to reach many who've never heard his music, or more importantly, the message behind his music. London Dreams was also added to the popular CHH playlist "The Blaze."

Continue to follow along with S.O.'s music. Follow him Spotify and keep in touch with him on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.



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NEW MUSIC: "Riding Through Nacogdoches" by S.O.

By Lamp Mode



Buy / Stream the Single: Spotify | Itunes | Google Play

S.O. is back with another new single “Riding Through Nacogdoches”

The label’s first international artist – born in Nigeria and raised in London – S.O. recently relocated to Texas. The song’s title is reflective of a drive he now makes routinely.

“My church in Texas where I live is off of that road,” S.O. said. “I drive there at least three times a week. The song is just me saying, ‘Here are some of the things I’m thinking through when I’m riding. Here’s some of the stuff going on in my life.’ I just wanted to make another record speaking about my experiences and speaking about what’s in front of me.”

Riding Through Nacogdoches Music Video


S.O. was one of the Lamp Mode artists to participate in the label’s inaugural Chopping Block Conference in Los Angeles. He took the opportunity to shoot a video for Riding Through Nacogdoches.

“I thought it would be good to shoot a video with my fans at the moment right then and there,” S.O. said. “The Chopping Block Conference was great obviously. I was teaching on social media. What we did is in between (teaching) times we invited fans to be part of the video.”

Produced by G.P., Riding Through Nacogdoches will be available wherever online music is sold.

Buy / Stream the Single: Spotify | Itunes | Google Play

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NEW MUSIC & SAMPLE CHAPTER: "Headcrusher" by Timothy Brindle

By Lamp Mode


Download "Headcrusher" | Download your free chapter from Timothy Brindle's "The Unfolding"

All of us have heard David and Goliath told in such a way that we are taught to primarily see King David as an example for us to emulate as we fight the giants in our lives. However, the Lord Jesus Christ made clear in Luke 24:44-49 that the Old Testament is mainly about Him and His death and resurrection on our behalf.

In the first release from his forthcoming album and book "The Unfolding," Timothy Brindle seeks to show how David crushing the head of Goliath is really a vivid picture of the unfolding of the Genesis 3:15 promise, pointing forward to Christ crushing the head of the Serpent, for us!

Download Your Free Sample Chapter Today

The song "Headcrusher" was written in collaboration by the chapter titled "Headcrusher" that will be released on Timothy's first book "The Unfolding"

Download your free chapter from Timothy Brindle's "The Unfolding"

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Chopping Block Conference: Confirmed Schedule and Content

By Lamp Mode

Chopping Block Conference: Confirmed Schedule and Content

Tickets are still available. Purchase them here.

  • Conference Only Ticket: $17
  • Concert Only Ticket: $17
  • All-Day Pass: $30


9:30am: Continental Breakfast (c/o "The Nest")

10:00am: Worship

10:30am: Talk #1 - Timothy Brindle - Why is it essential that we root ourselves theologically in order for us to be salt and light in the world?

10:50am: Talk #2 - shai linne - How does the Gospel drive us to understand the modern context? How do we apply the Gospel to the current social/cultural climate?

11:20am: Chopping Block Live - Live roundtable discussion from Lamp Mode artists shai linne, Timothy Brindle, S.O. and Json

12:20pm: Lunch

1:20pm: Breakout Session

  • Timothy Brindle: The Unfolding
  • Shai Linne: Music & Ministry
  • S.O.: Being Salt and Light on Social Media
  • Json: Identity in Christ

2:20pm: Breakout Session #2

  • Timothy Brindle: The Unfolding
  • Shai Linne: Music & Ministry
  • S.O.: Being Salt and Light on Social Media
  • Json: Identity in Christ

4:30pm: Doors Open for Concert - Featuring Jackie Whang, Keno Camp, Janet Jun, NIQ, Timothy Brindle, Json, S.O. and shai linne.



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New Music: "What Now" by S.O.

By Lamp Mode

New Music:
S.O. is back with his latest single "What Now." Fresh off two major releases in 2016, the current face of Spotify's "Blessings" playlist kicks off the year with a brand new single. 

S.O. penned a personal letter to his fans:

To the fans,

You know for me you have always been more “fam” than fans, so I wanted to write you briefly.

I remember a concert I had last year before I got married. I was talking to one of my supporters. He said that a few of his friends were talking about my engagement and what it meant for my music.

“You are an artist who makes emotionally driven songs,” he said to me.

My response was, “Of course.”

Albeit I did call myself an ‘emo rapper,’ I did not want that to be what defined me, though I’m married to that label. He continued on and said that now that I was getting married what am I going to rap about now.

In short, his question was, “What now S.O.?”

He said this not as an insult but as a legit question. All the songs about heartbreak & love that people seemed to have connected with in his mind would be lost forever. The newly married S.O. would not have anything to write about.

The irony of it all is that my music always came from a real place in my life. The songs that people love come from a real place.

So too does this new single.

What Now?” is my answer to the fans who think that I will switch up on them and start to create something else. Music will still be from the heart and still be real. No more songs about breakups (lol), but there are a million other songs that are going to be written. I will continue to write as long as I breathe and God allows me to create.

So much to look forward to in the future.

Yours truly,


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Announcement: Chopping Block Conference, March 18th 2017

By Lamp Mode

Announcement: Chopping Block Conference, March 18th 2017

We are excited to announce our partnership with ATWL.LA and Emmanuel Reformed Church to bring you the Chopping Block Conference on March 18th, 2017. Featuring music and teaching from Lamp Mode artists shai linne, S.O., Timothy Brindle and Json. Also featuring poetry performances from local artists Antonio Appling, NIQ, Janet Jun, and Jacqulyn Whang.

Named after our popular video series, the Chopping Block Conference will feature teaching on the application of the Gospel to various issues such as urban ministry, racial reconciliation and more.

This event is a fundraiser and ALL proceeds will go to help plant/ support existing churches into Compton and inner-city Los Angeles.

Register today. Tickets are limited.


  • $17 for conference admission
  • $17 for concert admission
  • $30 for day pass (conference and concert)

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Featured Playlist: "New Wave" Best of 2016 Playlist

By Lamp Mode

Featured Playlist:

Check out our "New Wave" top 50 CHH tracks of 2016.

Featuring Json, S.O., Dead Heroes, God's Servant, Bizzle, Canon, Derek Minor, Lecrae, John Givez, JGivens, Trip Lee, Young Noah, GS, Ki'shon Furlow, Ruslan, Christon Gray, Flame, Ty Brasel, Mike Real, Sho Baraka, Dru Bex, HeeSun Lee, Eshon Burgundy, Sean C. Johnson, Shope, Willie Will, Dee-1, K-Drama, J.Rhodan, Datin, Wordsplayed and Da T.R.U.T.H.

Follow the playlist and the Official Lamp Mode Spotify channel today.


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shai linne and Json Featured in Article "Five Reasons Preachers Should Listen to Hip Hop"

By Lamp Mode

shai linne and Json Featured in Article

Lamp Mode artists shai linne and Json were recently featured in article titled "Five Reasons Preachers Should Listen to Hip Hop" by Dan DeWitt at

"I certainly don’t want to reduce great preaching to cadence, but I do think this is an area where many preachers can benefit from hearing sermonic rhythm from artists like Shai Linne or the Ambassador."

"Listen to Json’s album No Filter for a view of Christian life from the trenches of the lived experience. Christian rap can help us think deeply about the way our message might sound on the other side of the lectern."

 Read the full article here.

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